Where are my keys? Ask your pocket drone!

Lois Whitman-Hess
Senior Planet

You might not believe me, but the majority of DigiDame readers will own a personal drone within the next few years. Amazon recently announced that they’ve secured a patent for a voice-controlled drone that fits in your pocket.

Before you start groaning about using yet another gadget, this new personal assistant could be very helpful to us as we get older.

Amazon said the new personal drones will assist us in ways we never thought possible. These drones will help us find a car in parking lot, grandchildren in a park, friends at a concert and your house keys. We’ll be able to operate the personal drones using voice commands or via a companion app.

Amazon said the mini drones will also be used by police as assistants to record videos when needed and to follow suspects on a chase. There are many other commercial uses that will become evident as the months go by.

Many of the uses the company is projecting aren’t legal yet, but will be sometime in the future as the FAA updates its rules.

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