Vision and Falls Prevention

Vision Screening

Vision and Falls Prevention is a program brought to Nova Scotia by the Misericordia Health Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Research has found that many seniors experience undetected vision loss which affects their daily lives and puts them at greater risk of a fall. Community Links offers presentations that highlight some common changes that happen to our vision as we age and how to accommodate them in our daily lives.

Information is provided about common eye conditions that are not part of normal ageing and should be caught early.  Practical information about the proper way to put in eye drops and other helpful hints are included. In 2014, this program will be expanded to offer basic vision screening for those who attend a presentation.  We have also developed a display on Vision and Falls Prevention which is available for use by groups at health fairs and Expo’s.

For more information, contact the Regional Coordinator in your area or the provincial office (Toll-free 1-855-253-9355).