Truro man helps seniors get services through new business

Trevor Bagnell

Lynn Curwin
Truro Daily News

Colin Bagnell started providing services to seniors when he was 12 years old. Now he’s doing it through his own business.

Bagnell formed Home Care Online Lifestyle Support Services about a year and a half ago, to help those who live in their home get quality service.

“When I was growing up I mowed the lawn for my grandparents, and their elderly neighbours then hired me,” he recalled. “I ended up getting a Masters of Business Administration and working as a project manager for Nova Scotia’s largest seniors’ health care provider.”

He noticed a gap in services for seniors when his mother-in-law was struggling to care for her ailing husband, sometimes unable to take a couple of hours to get the everyday supplies she needed. If something were to go wrong with the house she didn’t always know where to turn.

“When I moved back to Truro I noticed that a lot of the people I grew up with had moved away,” said Bagnell. “My parents were calling me for things and I wondered who people were calling if they had no family around.

“I had always wanted to own my own business and I thought I could start one that would make a difference and give back.”

Customers contact HCO when they need help with home maintenance, errands and deliveries, professional services and caring for a loved one.

Service providers that apply to be on the HCO list are interviewed and screened and the one that will best suit a situation is contacted when help is needed. HCO negotiates with the service provider to ensure the customer is charged a fair rat, schedules service and ensures work is done properly. If the customer isn’t happy they contact the service provider for them. HCO makes money by charging a small management fee.

“The service I provide is ease of finding help, negotiating a fair price and making sure the job is done to their satisfaction,” said Bagnell. “We focus on seniors and try to keep them from being taken advantage of. I wanted the business to grow slowly, and it’s definitely picking up now.”

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