Symposium 2014

Steady as You Go II

More than 100 health professionals and community agencies who work with seniors gathered in Halifax Nov 21 for Steady as You Go II: Provincial Falls Prevention Symposium 2014.

Morning sessions

Keynote Presentation.

Finding Balance Together

Lynda McPhee, Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research

Panel Presentations

Active Living Strategy

Heather Praught

Senior Fitness across the Spectrum

Wendy Lee Hamilton

HS Pilot

 Tom Dobson

New Provincial Policy

Suzanne Baker

Afternoon sessions

Preventing falls indoors & out

Alison Novak, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Falls Risk Assessment and Management Algorithm

Lynda McPhee...

Age-friendly Communities

Jacqueline Campbell & Pamela Fancey

Top 10 Strategies to Reduce Falls

Barbara Adams