Swimming pool had life-changing health benefits for Truro man

BIBLE HILL, N.S. – Ralph Taylor believes that if Scotia Pool were no longer open he would be in a wheelchair today

Eighteen years ago Taylor was having difficulty moving because of arthritis in his neck and ankles. Looking to the side, he had to move his entire body. Then Dr. Stephen Ellis suggested he start using the pool.

“I’d never been an avid swimmer but at that point I thought it was good exercise anyway and I may as well try it,” he said. “It was a big help. Now I’m able to move my neck from side to side and my ankles can rotate at any time. Although I still have arthritis, it is much better.”

He has also had surgeries on one leg, and his osteo surgeon has been amazed at how quickly he heals. He attributes that to swimming.

“I’ve seen many people being wheeled down the deck of the pool, and within three months they’re able to walk down the deck. When you do arthritic swimming your whole body gets exercised and keeps moving. I have seen people who have tried all kinds of drugs and physiotherapy come to the pool. Within two months their body is movable and the pain has been helped.”

He said some people may not experience such dramatic results but he, and many others, have.

“There are people, including me, who couldn’t swim at pools with cooler water,” he added. “This place is a valuable asset and should be so full you can barely get in.”

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