Community Links Research on the Community-Based Senior Serving Sector

We have partnered with Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS) to identify the strengths, needs, and opportunities of the clubs, groups, and organizations that work with older adults to support aging in safe, healthy, inclusive, age-friendly communities across Nova Scotia.   

What we know: 

  • In 2022, 43% of Nova Scotian’s were age 50 or older and roughly 2 in 10 Nova Scotians were 65 and older. Fewer than 5% will ever live in long-term care facilities. Most older adults want to age in place, in their home and community. 
  • Creating age-friendly communities that foster independence and connection helps to prevent social isolation and loneliness, and promotes healthy, active, and purposeful living. 
  • There are many clubs, groups, and organizations that help older adults to stay connected, engaged, and supported in the province. 

What we don’t know:  

There is no clear picture of these groups and organizations; where they are, who they serve, and how they function or are supported.  

What we want to know: 

  • The strengths, needs, and opportunities of groups and organizations that work with older adults. We want to learn how these clubs, groups, or organizations operate and about their activities, events, and programs.  
  • We want to know how these groups have been affected by the pandemic and their plans and thoughts about the future of their organization. 
  • We hope this research can help us to celebrate the work of groups and organizations who engage older adults and provide the groundwork for important funding and policy conversations on how to best support them.  

How will we get answers? 

  • The Community Links survey launches on April 5. If you are a key staff or volunteer with a group or organization that engages with adults 55 years or older, we invite you to take the survey and share your experience with us. We also ask you to share the survey link with anyone else you think we should hear from. 
  • Community Links and IONS will be hosting Community Conversations around the province to hear more about the needs of older Nova Scotians and the resource needs of the groups and organizations who work with them. There will be opportunities to attend either in-person or online. These sessions will provide a chance to connect and collaborate with community partners and like-minded groups and will include large and small group discussions and activities.

Community Conversations took place across Nova Scotia

17 AprilMiddleton
18 April Yarmouth
19 April Bridgewater
20 April Baddeck
21 April Antigonish
25 April Truro
1 MayOnline
2 MayHalifax
  • We have a few other ways we will be gathering information: jurisdictional scans, focus groups, and interviews. 

What will we do with all this information? 

  • Community Links will summarize the feedback from the surveys, interviews, and community conversations and share it with the provincial government.  
  • Community Links will share this information with the public in a plain language report and infographics, through our Aging Well Together Coalitions, social media, email newsletter, and other avenues. 
  • Community Links will use this information to shape our upcoming grants in the fall of 2023. 

How will this benefit the groups and organizations that work with older adults? 

  • We hope this research can provide the groundwork for important funding and policy conversations on how to best support these organizations while also recognizing their pivotal role in ensuring older Nova Scotians can age in their homes and communities, staying connected, engaged, and supported.   

This project is funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long-term Care.