Projects & Ideas

Since the demise of Seniors News, there hasn’t been a single publication catering exclusively to seniors in Nova Scotia. This puts Community Links in a strong position to act as a source of community news for seniors and as a community website where seniors can talk to each other. Already Community Links has top ratings for Google searches of “Seniors News”.

Here are some projects I’ve done in the past that could increase the effectiveness of our website.

Stu Ducklow
Feb 6 2019

Printed calendar
Design and print-management of printed calendar based on annual photo contest winnters
Online Trivia Quiz
Self-scoring quizzes on various topics, with Facebook sharing
Animated explainer of Community Links
Animated interactive explainer with music on functions of Community Links
Pix of people at annual report
Photo, video and written coverage of annual conferences.
Video on gambling
Video of play on problem gambling presented by volunteers all over Nova Scotia
One-page comic book made from video stills from the gambling workshop manipulated in Photoshop. Page was used on the Calendar and printed newsletter.
Explainer on visionAnimated, interactive explainer on vision and risk of falling, based on hospital literature.
Fitness movie
Video with illustrations on how to stay fit with light kitchen exercises
Stories, pix and design of regular printed newsletter.
Stories for Editors
An archive of downloadable stories and photos about seniors sent to media in Nova Scotia every month.
Seniors NewsStories about seniors updated every week and archived on the site. This collection has resulted in top search engine ratings for the query: Seniors News</td
The Way We WereClippings from old newspapers to spark interest and comments from readers
Falls for Seniors infographic emailed to newspapers, produced using stock text and stock illustrations. Graphic was broken into single panels that could be used individually as space fillers.