Microgrants Available

Community Links Association is offering small, one-time only grants of up to $1000 to assist existing senior-serving community organizations in supporting older adults in need. Funding requests can include a wide variety of immediate supports and services such as:

  • Fuel for vehicles, power tools and generators
  • Meals, groceries and water 
  • Personal care items  
  • Outreach and social support (ex. check-ins with older adults)  
  • Transportation, delivery, and other mobile services  
  • Minor house or property repairs
  • Other identified needs 

Applications are not restricted to registered charities – volunteer groups, non-profit societies and seniors club are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2022. 

For more information, please see the attached application and funding criteria or contact grants@nscommunitylinks.ca and 1-855-253-9355.

These grants are made possible thanks to support from the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long-term Care. 

Please submit completed applications to Grants@nscommunitylinks.ca