Home Support Exercise Program2

The Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP) is an evidence based program developed by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging.  Community Links and its partner organizations promote the program in Nova Scotia as a way for older adults to maintain their functional fitness.

This program introduces ten simple, yet progressive exercises that help maintain strength, balance and flexibility. The exercises can be done in the home, or common room — no special equipment required! These exercises work all the major muscle groups and are suitable for just about any level of ability.  Best for those who are not currently involved in an exercise program, but good for everyone when regular exercise is not feasible due to health, transportation, cost, winter weather, and so on. If you work with seniors on a regular basis, you may want to take an HSEP training session from one of our certified trainers.

For more information, contact the Regional Coordinator in your area or the provincial office (Toll-free 1-855-253-9355).