Creativity Campaign


Community Links invites submissions of creative works by older adults demonstrating Creativity and Connection during COVID-19.

 Celebrate how older adults in Nova Scotia are contributing to community and staying connected during this time of physical distancing.

The campaign: COVID-19 has changed how we interact with one another in ways we could not have imagined. During this time of social isolation, physical distancing, and increased concern about health and safety it is more important than ever to remember that we can connect with each other even if it can’t always be in person.

Submissions and the stories behind them will be made into social media posts to be shared on Community Links’ online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

This campaign is intended to share, highlight, and celebrate the creative ways older adults contribute to Nova Scotia through visual and physical art as well as how individuals are staying connected to their passions and hobbies, friends, families, and communities during COVID-19. We encourage submissions depicting intergenerational connections or celebrating the diverse communities and cultures in our province.

The creators: We welcome submissions of creative works by or depicting older adults in Nova Scotia (age 55+).

The subjects: We are looking for photo submissions of a piece of art (e.g., a painting, quilt, homemade mask, or sculpture); of older adults thriving in a creative environment (e.g., crafting, baking, dancing, or making music); or of a creative way someone stayed connected during periods of isolation (e.g., a physically distant or virtual visit, snail mail, or COVID-safe activity). Submissions should be related to the theme of Creativity and Connection during COVID-19.

Photo specifications: Photos should be of high quality. Please ensure the subject is clearly visible and not blurry. Photos can be taken using a high-definition or a cell phone camera.

To submit a photo: Email Please include “campaign” in the subject line and provide a short description, of the artist, art, or subject of the photo in the body of the email. Feel free to indicate the area or community as we want to celebrate the uniqueness of communities around Nova Scotia.

Please include a photo release form, which can be found below:

Photo Release Form PDF

Photo Release Form Word

Photos should be submitted by November 7, 2020.

For more info:

Email, or call: (902)-422-0914, toll free:1-855-253-9355

*Please note not all submissions are guaranteed to be selected for publications. Photos and works should not depict violence, hateful, or discriminatory content.