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Coalition Support

Aging Well Together Coalitions

Connecting agencies and individuals who are interested in making communities more age-friendly and in promoting healthy aging. 

Workshops/ Training

For more information, or to arrange a session for your group, please contact our provincial office toll free at 1-855-253-9355 or by emailing

Home Support Exercise Program

This program introduces ten simple, yet progressive exercises that help maintain strength, balance and flexibility. If you work with seniors on a regular basis, you may want to take an HSEP training session from one of our certified trainers.

Retirement – It’s more than just the money

The session explores social connections before and after retirement, and how we can plan to stay connected amid life’s changes.

Mobility: Now You’re Going Places

These workshops cover such topics as how can you tell  that you need an assistive device, whether you should consider a cane or walker, what is the proper height for a cane or walker, the importance of bathroom grab bars, and other assistive devices in the home, and information on where to obtain assistive devices.

Seniors and Gambling

The presentations include a dramatic skit put on by volunteer actors about how friends might approach someone with a gambling problem. 

Mental Wellness

This session starts with a dramatic presentation followed by a discussion of some of the factors that may help us achieve a more positive outlook and a sense of well-being.

Reviving Rural Volunteerism

This workshop includes a Powerpoint presentation about changing trends in volunteering and discusses how the “baby boomers” and younger generations tend to look for different volunteer experiences than older generations.

Falls Prevention at NSCC

The training provides a detailed discussion of the factors that increase the risk of falls, as well as case studies and group discussion of how falls can be both predicted and prevented.


We have several presentations to provide helpful information to the seniors your organization serve.

To request a presentation for your group, or to get copies of our illustrated chart or brochure, contact Community Links toll free at 1-855-253-9355 or by emailing

Fitness in the Kitchen

Community Links developed Fitness in the Kitchen with the help of physiotherapists. It is a series of 8 basic exercises for strength, flexibility and balance that can be done anywhere in the home – including the kitchen! Download the Fitness in the Kitchen Chart

Fall Prevention

Our presentation covers the factors that put us a risk of falling, and provides helpful tips about how to reduce the risk, including becoming more physically active, removing falls hazards from the home, and working to change hazards in the outdoor environment.

Vision and Falls Prevention

Community Links offers presentations that highlight some common changes that happen to our vision as we age and how to accommodate them in our daily lives.



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Aging Well Calendar

Our calendar team offers an Aging Well calendar for free every year for older adults, their families and age-friendly communities in Nova Scotia.

The Aging Well Calendar is not only a calendar. It serves a guidebook with valuable information, a journal to reflect on everyday life, and a detailed emergency contact list for elderly people in Nova Scotia.

Take a look at our 2021 Aging Well Calendar.

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Other Support

What’s next for your club or organization?

This program can help your group to examine your assets and your role in the community, and then decide what is needed to take the next step.

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