Request for Proposals – Retreat Facilitator

Request for Proposals

Facilitator for Non-Profit Board and Staff Retreat – October 20 – 21, 2019

Project Overview

Community Links is planning a day and a half day retreat Sunday October 20 and
Monday October 21 to bring together its Board of Directors and staff members. The
organization is in transition; this retreat will provide an opportunity for us to learn
together, build common understanding and focus everyone on the organization’s


Community Links is a provincial non-profit dedicated to ensuring older adults are informed,
respected and engaged in achieving well-being for themselves and their communities.
Members include seniors’ clubs, senior-serving organizations and individuals 55+ who
address aspects of aging well, including physical and mental health, active living, social
connection, transportation and appropriate, affordable housing; our regionally-based Aging
Well Together Coalitions offer members opportunities to increase their collective impact.
The vision of Community Links is that all Nova Scotians can age well in their
communities, particularly in rural regions. The organization is 27 years old, has a fulltime
staff of two in Halifax, plus part-time Regional Coordinators who host Aging Well
Together Coalitions and provide support to older adults through workshops and events
such as Seniors Expos.

Both the Board and staff composition has changed in the past year; new work is
anticipated which will create opportunities and challenges. It is an exciting time for
Community Links, and we want to face forward together as we grow.
Please submit a proposal of what this retreat could entail and why we should choose
you to lead it.

For more information please contact Executive Director Helen MacDonnell at or call 902-422-0914

Deadline to submit proposals: August 23, 2019 12:00 noon.