2022 Annual General Meeting

Please join Community Links for its 30th Anniversary AGM, beginning with a Keynote from Dr. Michael Ungar; the founder and Director of the Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University

Wednesday, June 15 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon
Special keynote speaker, and Business meeting.  

Celebrating Resilience through Connection

In keeping with our 30th anniversary theme of Resilience through Connection, we’re excited to have Dr. Michael Ungar, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience, present the keynote presentation A Guide to the Individual and Community Resources that Count.

Throughout this fast-paced, story-filled presentation, Dr. Ungar will show that resilience is much more than our personal capacity to overcome adversity. Rather, it is a reflection of how well individuals, families, service providers and communities work together to create opportunities for people to find the resources they need for well-being while making those resources available in ways that people experience as meaningful.

Following the presentation, attendees will have the chance to ask questions, and comment on Resilience in their own communities.

In addition to our Keynote speaker, Community Links will present its Annual Report, the proposed slate of Directors for 2022-2023, Financial Statement and updates from Board and Staff.

This meeting is free and open to all.
Voting is limited to registered Community Links members.

We hope to see you there!

The resilience of seniors is as much about the sources of support they receive as the years of experience which have taught them grit and perseverance.” – Dr. Michael Ungar

Michael Ungar, Ph.D., is a Family Therapist and Professor of Social Work at Dalhousie University where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience. His ground-breaking work is recognized around the world for its emphasis on how to use the theory of resilience to increase both individual and group agility during crises, with numerous communities, organizations and businesses adopting his concept of resilience as a negotiated process that enhances people’s wellbeing when facing adversity.

Find out more about Dr. Michael Ungar and his work at https://www.michaelungar.com/