The Joyful Hearts Choir: music, memory and meaning

Hearing a group of older adults in their late 70’s to 100 years old singing old standard songs is heartwarming.  The performance becomes even more touching when you discover that many of the singers suffer from memory loss. Music is a well-known therapeutic tool, helping relieve stress and improve mood. Now the Joyful Hearts Senior … Read more

Link seen between hearing loss and dementia

Paul Taylor Globe and Mail, Toronto Question: My father is going deaf, but he refuses to wear a hearing aid. Is there any way to make him come to his senses? Answer: Your father is certainly not alone. Many older adults, especially men, resist treatment for hearing loss. Unfortunately, they may be doing themselves far more harm … Read more

Two more rural stores close

Lois Ann Dort Guysborough Journal Whether small town or big city, the closure of any business is always a blow to the people who call themselves customers. This past month has seen a number of local business closures, starting with Central Building Supply in West Cooks Cove. As Christmas drew near, news spread that both … Read more

Time for a new national Alzheimer strategy

Amherst News/Citizen Record With an aging demographic and Canadians living longer, we are confronting the reality that the numbers of seniors who will be at risk of developing dementia will further tax our already overburdened health care system in the years to come. Last month, we were reminded that the numbers will grow exponentially. The … Read more

How to walk this winter

  Do the penguin walk Bend slightly and walk flat footed Point your feet out slightly like a penguin Keep your centre of gravity over your feet as much as possible Watch where you are stepping Take shorter, shuffle-like steps Keep your arms at your sides (not in your pockets!) Concentrate on keeping your balance … Read more

OPINION: Poverty on the rise among seniors

Sharon Murphy Chronicle-Herald, Halifax A few months ago, I read an interesting article in your paper by Brian Gifford (“Federal tax reforms will help Nova Scotia and Canada,” Sept. 28) on tax fairness. It made me think of the financial situation of the elderly and people involved in precarious employment. I thought I would reflect … Read more

Retired prof makes a splash to aid arthritis victims

The Casket Antigonish For the more than a decade, Zoe Hayes has been making a splash with her students. The retired psychology professor continues to teach – but now aqua-arthritis is the subject – with the St. F.X. Alumni Aquatic Centre serving as her classroom. “Zoe is incredibly generous – she is selfless and gives … Read more