More Nova Scotia seniors going it alone

Chronicle Herald The percentage of Nova Scotians living alone has surpassed the national average of 28 per cent, thanks to an aging population. According to 2016 Statistics Canada census data, 29.5 per cent of Nova Scotians live alone. That’s above the national average, as are the Yukon (32 per cent) and Quebec (33 per cent). … Read more

Communities in Bloom has plans for Springhill

SPRINGHILL – A budding relationship is developing between Springhill and Communities in Bloom. “We will have a meeting in the fall to get ourselves organized so we can register with the provincial Communities in Bloom,” said Maryanne Jackson, councillor for District 12. Communities in Bloom, Pugwash, gave a presentation to about 20 people Thursday night … Read more

Why women should delay applying for Canada Pension

Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald Toronto Globe and Mail August 10, 2017 Women have good reason to worry about retirement finances – they tend to live longer than men, have lower pensions and are more likely to become widowed and need long-term care. That means that for women, in particular, delaying the start of taking their Canada Pension … Read more

Bridgewater broadcasting mentor remembered

Lighthouse Now Bridgewater Starting at just 17 as an announcer,Bob MacLaren, of Crousetown, moved from covering news to commercial production to open-line shows and eventually to higher roles such as general manager and program director of CKBW. He retired in 1995. MacLaren passed away in his home on July 6, surrounded by family. He was … Read more