Are you getting the right information about osteoporosis?

You feel fine, and then you get the diagnosis: osteoporosis. It’s a complete surprise. In the U.S., 54 million people have the bone disease osteoporosis or the low bone mass (osteopenia) that can put them at risk for it, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. The so-called ”brittle bone” disease happens when your body makes … Read more

Seniors go to elementary school and the learning goes both ways

  Halima Sogbesan CBC Lisa Howell’s Grade 5/6 class at Pierre Elliott Trudeau elementary school in Gatineau, Quebec, isn’t exactly typical. About six years ago, she developed what’s now called the senior buddies program, which brings senior citizens into the classroom to work on creative projects with her students.  “I recognized that working with seniors would give my students … Read more

Couple caps half century and 150 years of Canadian decor

150 years of Canadian decor After a distinguished career marked by international travel, Joan and Derek Burney celebrate the ‘many lovely things’ crafted in Canada to mark the sesquicentennial The ambience in the Burneys’ library is “high country”, decorated with casual comfort in mind but with a slightly more formal feel provided by the furniture produced … Read more

U.S. study graphs relationships over a lifetime

Time with friends, colleagues, siblings, and children diminishes over the course of a lifetime. The older we get, the person we spend the most time with is the one we see in the mirror. That’s the conclusion of a recent, fascinating analysis of data from the American Time Use Survey, an annual census by the … Read more

Yarmouth seniors a hit with aerial shot for Canada 150

YARMOUTH – They came out in wheelchairs, they hobbled along with canes and although it may have taken a while to arrange, by golly they did it. Staff, volunteers, residents and their families celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday in a unique way at the Meadows Home for Special Care recently. The parking lot of the facility, … Read more

Seniors fudge facts on resumes to avoid age discrimination

James Risdon Halifax Chronicle-Herald Fearful of being deemed too old for jobs, seniors are re-jigging their resumes to highlight their skills while avoiding any references to dates, says a senior staffing consultant. “Some of the older folks are petrified,” Paula Webb, a human resources recruiter with David Aplin Group, said in an interview Wednesday. “When … Read more

Senior-focused startup building momentum

Chronicle Herald Halifax No two roads to building a business are the same. Useful insights and bright ideas can be found in almost any approach, but some are worthy of more discussion than others. Nova Scotia startup HomeEXCEPT is shaping up to be one of them. There is a deliberate and opportunistic strategy driving the … Read more

Senior smashes 5 world track & field records

  Carol LaFayette-Boyd, 75, smashed five world track and field records in her age category at a recent championship in Saskatchewan. The Regina senior established records in long jump (3.85 metres), high jump (1.23 metres), the 100-metre (15.15 seconds), the 200-metre (32.83 seconds) and triple jump (8.19 metres). The championships were held in Regina earlier this month. … Read more

Make way for the senior entrepreneur!

When you see the word entrepreneur, you likely think of someone in their 20s or 30s having the latest and greatest idea that will generate millions of dollars, and then be acquired by a large conglomerate. You probably didn’t picture one of the fastest-growing groups of entrepreneurs in Canada today: people over the age of … Read more

Is the perfect bathing suit possible?

I like to swim. It’s my go to exercise for weight control and fitness. Nothing hurts in the water. Four to five times a week, I swim one kilometre at 6 a.m. in the local pool. But chlorine does a number on your bathing suit. And when my brother and his wife invited me to visit … Read more