I’m not ageing, I’m ripening

Steve Bartlett: The Deep EndTC Media I turn another year older this week and I must admit, I really enjoy celebrating my birthday. Each year, my wife asks what I want to eat and I say, “pizza” in an excited tone as if I hadn’t eaten it in 364 days. After the ’za, my son … Read more

Seniors are well off– let’s stop subsidizing them

CBC Radio The 180 with Jim Brown For his entire life, Max Fawcett has watched the well-being of baby boomers be privileged over other Canadians. Take for example this report calling on policy makers to make suburbs more age-friendly.. Fawcett is critical of the argument and argues it’s time to privilege future generations over boomers. … Read more

New pilot project to deliver healthy, balanced meals to Sydney seniors

By George Mortimer, CBC News Three community groups in Sydney, N.S., are teaming up to deliver groceries, meals and nutritional advice to seniors. Funding was announced Tuesday by the provincial government for an eight-week pilot project called Friendly Food Box. The province has provided $9,400 under its Age Friendly program, which supports community groups that enhance the … Read more

Death cafes: coffee, cake and conversation about death

By ALEX HANDYSIDE Halifax Local Express Imagine sitting in a local coffee house, cake in hand, talking to strangers about … death. Sure, we can get all the (mis)information we crave from the Internet. But there’s something deeply comforting hearing real stories from real people. And that’s the premise behind death cafés. The first café mortel took … Read more

Five tips for preventing medication mismanagement

Medication management is an important issue for seniors and their families. Failure to properly manage medications can threaten the lives of seniors, highlighting the emphasis families must place on ensuring seniors take their medications in strict adherence to their physicians’ instructions. Polypharmacy, or the taking of multiple medications for different conditions, can be a potential … Read more

“Invisible” seniors take to the stage

CBC News Vancouver When 61-year-old Rae Collins walks down the sidewalk, sometimes she can’t help but feel invisible. All too often, she’ll find herself having to jump out of the way of younger passerby, who are oblivious to her presence. “They’re just involved with their own conversations, or they’re staring down at their cell phones … Read more

As gentlemen leave an angrier, negative world

Adam Cooke Port Hawkesbury Reporter I find this column hard to write, because in doing so I have to say goodbye to a pair of familiar faces – one on a local scale, the other at a national level – who touched me, and countless others, with the dignity and gentility that they each brought … Read more

New Glasgow Chief of Police retires after 44 years

NEW GLASGOW — Police Chief Delaney Chisholm announced his retirement on Tuesday from New Glasgow Regional Police, effective March 31, 2017. “It has been a great privilege to work with the members of the New Glasgow Regional Police Service and this has been a rewarding experience that I have greatly valued,” says Chisholm. “I am … Read more