Time to stop bashing seniors

Walt’s World with Walter Jones Amherst, NS News I was at a seniors meeting a few months ago and I was probably the oldest senior at the table. We got to talking and it transpired that we all were either present or past volunteers, any way we all had a number of years under our … Read more

Antionish woman looks forward to 100th birthday

AMHERST, N.S. – When you’re born on Boxing Day, your birthday often gets overshadowed by the holiday season and forgotten by many. But everyone will be taking notice of Mary Allen’s birthday this year, when she turns 100 on Dec. 26. In spite of the fuss that comes with such a milestone, Allen is treating … Read more

Animated graph dramatizes senior population growth

As much as we’ve talked about Canada’s aging population, it’s hard to appreciate it without seeing it in action Jason Kirby September 30, 2015 The moment Statistics Canada has warned about for the last decade is finally here: Canada now has more seniors than children aged 14 and under. To be precise, there are 5.78 million … Read more

the 12 scams of Christmas

Pictou Advocate With Christmas around the corner, The Better Business Bureau is notifying consumers on the most popular scams around this time. The spirit of Christmas usually brings out the joy of giving for most people, but for scammers the holidays are a time of taking. Buying gifts and donating to charities presents countless opportunities … Read more

Babysitting okay, but as a granny, do I have to dogsit?

Toronto Globe & Mail I come from a cat household. My husband’s family always had dogs. I won that argument for decades through a series of felines called Xerxes, Selrahc, Angus, Sylvester and Alice. We acquired that last cat from a destitute artist, who lured us into his studio because our daughter had spotted a … Read more